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niumActive it’s the complete and modular suit that helps companies to digitise every Procurement’s aspect by optimizing purchase processes and by governance increasing

The suit will enhance your visibility, control and spend management improving supply quality.niumActive helps you achieve savings that directly impact on profits, ensuring greater compliance and operations traceability.

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Modularity / Scalability

Obtain visibility and total control on business expendings, enhance supplies


ERP and other data sources integration

Orient your purchasing choices on the basis of integrated on-platform datas


Procurement digitization

Thanks to technology, niumActive will optimize purchasing operational efficiency and reduce errors

Discover niumActive modules


Optimize supplier relationship management; through onboarding and qualification processes, promote cooperation and assess performance and compliance.

Onboarding and Qualification

Structured collection of supplier informations and documents to manage assessments and qualification


Management of subcontractors list, subcontracted activities and documentation to be produced and validated

Vendor Rating

Active supplier’s performance evaluation with KPI and surveys, involving even internal users

Risk Management

Supply risks mapping through data’s cross-analysis from multiple sources

Infoprovider Integration

Integration for financial scores collection, synthesis reports and for the scouting activities management

Improve your overview on documents status to gain efficiency and intervention speed, and even trace your supply chain informations

Schedule with Alert

Organised management of suppliers documentary resource, with platform’s advanced search tools, reminders and prompt actions

AI document validation

AI’s engine is able to read supplier attached documents, evaluate their correctness and validate them

Origin Declaration

Origin Declaration and material provenance management tool

Compliance REACH, RoHS

Info collection management tool, REACH and RoHS declaration compliance reports

Access management

Data’s collection and documentation form to management the accesses in various facilities

Digitize the purchase process by increasing governance and traceability in your supplier interactions and improving savings


RDI for data collection, market benchmark and beauty contest

Offer Request

Offer Request’s creation and management, with technical and economic assessment and the handling of evaluation team

Online Auctions

Dynamic trading to maximize Saving, reducing average negotiation times

Direct Sourcing

Material codes importation to collect product/raw material specifications, for product’s direct purchases

Automatic alignments

Automatic alignment of offers with substantial savings on the average time to compare proposals

Improve your contracts management by digitizing them into a single archive with timetables to manage all compliance’s aspect,signature and evaluation

Archive and Schedule

A single repository to conserve business contracts with schedule and other informations

Milestones Tracking

Management of contract milestones and related automatic alerts

Cooperation with the supplier

Cooperation with the supplier to gather informations and contract’s documentation

Catalog and Price Lists

Catalog and price lists management, with approval workflows and purchase/shopping carts

Call off

Catalog order management, with relative tracking ofremaining capacities


Digitize your transactional processes from the purchase request to the complete orders management and goods entry, optimizing the approval workflows and managing your purchases

Purchase request

Creation of purchase requests and customized internal approval workflows to digitize the demand process

Approval Workflows Management

Approval workflows management and customization in terms of cost center level, location, value, etc.

Order Management

Approval, sendand manage orders directly on the platform to share them with suppliers

Interaction with the supplier

Full interaction with the supplier for the order acceptance, quantities modification and delivery plans

Goods entry

Transport documents management, delivery notes and goods entry


Gain a better view on your expenditure, identify saving areas with the support of analytical dashboards and automatic classification algorithms

Spend Governance

Governance of order and revenue datas, throughplatform datas or automated import flows

Data Cleansing

Datas collection and cleaning according to defined rules

Data Analysis

Orders and spent datas management and analysis, supported by computational algorithms

Expenditure Classification

Expenditure classification, also through AI and Machine Learning engines

Spend Reporting

Analytical dashboards and detailed reports on orders, suppliers and internal users

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