New technologies for new eProcurement platforms

With our academical partners we experience Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain applications in Procurement and Supply Chain.

Our Partner

Milan Polytechnic University

Our partnership with Milan Polytechnic, Digital Innovation Observers and Supply Chain Finance was born in 2010.


Main research areas:

  • New supplier qualification
  • Spend Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supplier’s support chatbot

Bari Polytechnic University

We have been cooperating with Bari Polytechnic University since 2019,  which is also to us a forge of new talents.

Main research areas:

  • Hybrid cloud architectural models
  • Microservices architectural models
  • User experience for Procurement platforms
  • Blockchain for purchase tenders

Rome Tor Vergata University

Rome Tor Vergata University becomes our academic partner in 2019.

Main research areas:

  • AI algorithms for public procurements
  • Blockchain for public procurements

Epics project

EPICS Eprocurement Innovation For Challenging Scenarios is Niuma’s research project to design and product new and highly innovative functionalities in eProcurement, based on AI and Blockchain technologies.

The ultimate goal of this Research and Development initiative is to create a next-generation eProcurement platform characterized by the new technologies usage, for example Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, that allow to design and realize a modular and extremely flexible structure.

This project, co-funded by the Apulia Region under the “Aid to integrated programmes promoted by MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESSES” Pia Programmes, involve three academic research partners:

  • Milan Polytechnic University
  • Rome Tor Vergata University
  • Bari Polytechnic University



This research project started from the scenario in which the Purchasing Function moves in the last years, made of increasingly complex markets and new risks. Exogenous complexities lead CPOs and the entire Purchasing Office to pursue new levels of efficiency, sustainability and Saving. To do this it is necessary to perform increasingly punctual analysis to identify inefficiencies, risks and optimize internal processes as much as possible.

With these aims, by exploiting EPICS, Niuma has decided to apply Artificial Intelligence algorithms to some of the Corporate Procurement most important areas:

Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis, with the objective of monitoring expenses in time in order of locating saving opportunities and purchase processes inefficiencies

Risk Management

Risk Management, with the purpose to identify and intervene in order to mitigate or cancel the supply risk

Documentary Acknowledgment

Documentary Acknowledgment, intentioned of speeding up and eliminating errors in the qualifying suppliers process and monitoring their position on the Register


Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing, with the purpose to optimize sourcing process and establish an efficient and effective purchasing strategy based on reports with reliable suppliers

At the same time e-Procurement processes have been implemented on Blockchain/DLT to improve procedures traceability, transparency and verifiability, with a focus on Public Procurement; the objective is to drastically reduce the appeals number.

A key part of the EPICS journey was the customer-side experimentation. With GEFRAN, long-time Niuma’s partner, Risk Management solution has been tested and moulded on the real company needs. Starting from a tripartite framework – Risk Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Evaluation – it has been possible to map every risk that a big manufacturing company like GEFRAN faces to understand the kind of impact that each one of them has on production, and then mitigate them as quickly as possible.


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